Myanmar assures China of returning Rohingya stochasto Myanmar

Published: শুক্রবার, অক্টোবর ২৩, ২০২০

China’s Foreign Minister and State Councilor Wang Yi said Myanmar has recently assured China that the displaced Rohingya stake will be returned to Myanmar. The Chinese Foreign Minister dr. A.K.K., who was in Bangladesh on Thursday evening (October 22) evening, said that the chinese will be able to make a difference. Abdul said this while talking to Momen on the telephone. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a release on Friday (October 23).

Wang Yi said China has been maintaining continuous communication with Myanmar on the Rohingya issue. They told China that Myanmar will work to ensure that the Rohingyas can be returned if the situation improves. Myanmar has told China that it will begin a quick dialogue with Bangladesh on the rohingya repatriation. Wang Y assured Dr. Momen that the three-party meeting will be initiated at the first ambassador level and later at the ministerial level of Bangladesh, China and Myanmar after the Elections in Myanmar.

The Chinese Foreign Minister emphasized the need to expedite the three-party meeting of senior officials in Dhaka on the issue of Rohingya repatriation.

The Chinese Foreign Minister informed the Bangladesh Foreign Minister that the Vaccine will be available on priority basis. Wang Yi also mentioned that China is interested in working with Bangladesh in economic recovery. Chinese Foreign Minister praises Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s leadership in tackling the Corona epidemic. He also said that China’s support for Bangladesh will continue. The chinese projects that have been suspended or slowed down due to the epidemic will not be completed immediately if the situation improves, said Wang Yi. Dr. Momen urged the Chinese Foreign Minister to renew the visa of Bangladeshi students and researchers who are studying in China, which is being hampered by the Corona epidemic. Wang Yi said his government has not yet decided on foreign students entering China. However, if the decision is taken, the Bangladeshis will be placed on the priority list. He also mentioned that visa and other issues will be resolved quickly.

Dr. Abdul Momen thanked the Chinese government for the effort to translate the book “My Seen New China” by the nation’s father, Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
Dhaka, Friday, 23 October,

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